Thursday, March 29, 2018

Week 11

'Natural Born Cyborgs' 

Chapter 1 - Cyborgs Unplugged

The term “cyborg” was first used in 1960 by Clynes and Kline in their article “Cyborgs and Space”.

What is important in making a cyborg is
- Not the merger of flesh and wire
- Not the depth of the implant
- But the potential of transformation
- And for cognitive systems the fluidity of the flaws of information.

Chapter 2 – Technologies to Bond With

Transparent technologies:
- Seamless integration
- Little mental effort to operate

Opaque technologies:
- Unnaturally integration
- Requiring constant attention, remaining in focus during operation

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 10 | Final Project Proposal

Will probably do something related to my love of costuming/cosplay. Either a mask or article of clothing that uses data read from me (heart rate, body temp, etc.), and-- possibly-- my surroundings (external temp, proximity to others, light levels, etc.)

Idea I: "Heart on my Sleeve" 
-A simple wearable that reflects vital data on a small interface on my upper arm. Possible use of an LCD screen, or a just a flexible LED grid that shows various symbols based on vitals (stable HR and body temp= purple smiley-face/ erratic HR or high HR + high or low body temp= blue frowny-face or red angry-face)

Idea II: "2 Birds..."
-Find creative ways to incorporate what I've learned about sensors and Arduinos into a set of cosplay armor. ( - make the lines on the chest glow and pulse with my HR, and maybe add glowing eyes to the helmet that respond to my voice)

Idea III: "Blockhead" [AKA If I can get my shit together in time... project]

-A mask/helmet that obscures my face and head, but reflects simple emoticons dependent on my heart rate (color of symbols), proximity to others (when to show symbols)... maybe a companion app to show more complex messages? ('Hi', 'Good Day', 'Fuck You', etc.), or just to decide what emoticons are shown during interactions.

-Voice modulation based on heart rate? Lower HR = slight high pitched modulation, Higher HR = lower pitched modulation.

-For fun, maybe add a touch sensor on top of the head so people can pet it, displaying a happy/satisfied face in response.

Week 9

Monday, March 5, 2018

Instructables Examples

The Good

-Well documented, user friendly, easy to understand instructions
-Clear images

The Bad

-Shit quality video, probably recorded on a toaster
-Basically nothing going on here...

The Ugly

-Well documented but very cluttered
-Blurry/confusing images, videos are filmed IN FUCKING PORTRAIT MODE!

Week 8